Trailer — Chicago Entrepreneurs: The Next Generation

July 9, 2015

Chicago Entrepreneurs:
The Next Generation

On July 9, 2015, Energy Thought Summit (ETS) and SoCore Energy hosted a night of convening, consorting and collecting new ideas. Chicagoland energy and innovation leaders, along with field experts from across inter-related industries, enjoyed a panel discussion comprised of Chicago entrepreneurs including:

Amy Francetic — CEO, Clean Energy Trust
Matt Gray — Co-Chairman, Graycor & Founder, BuiltWorlds
Pete Kadens — President, SoCore Energy
Matt Matros — Founder, Protein Bar
Robby Nathan — CEO, Load Delivered Logistics

SoCore Energy’s CMO, Kevin Phelan moderated, leading the panel through intriguing questions to ignite meaningful discussion on the future of Chicago’s rapidly changing tech scene.

This video shares highlights from the event — see more videos from the event in our Video Gallery.

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