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Solar for Co-ops Webinar

November 19, 2015

SoCore Energy hosted the Solar for Co-ops webinar in partnership with NRTC on November 17, 2015. Moderated by SoCore’s Chief Marketing Officer, Kevin Phelan, the webinar began with a brief presentation on the value solar energy and battery storage technologies bring to cooperative utilities, followed by a panel discussion and open questions. NRTC’s Vice President of Business Development, Brad Seibert, opened the webinar with explaining NRTC’s partnership with SoCore Energy, and why the Chicago-based solar company ultimately was the best fit for the organization and its members.

SoCore’s Chief Financial Officer (Robert Scheuermann), Senior Vice President of Operations (Russell Young) and Senior Project Developer (Robin Saiz) shared their insights on the benefits of the immediate implementation of solar, various financing options, and the process of how to integrated solar energy for co-ops and their members. After their remarks, additional SoCore Energy employees weighed in for a discussion on timely issues, questions and curiosities of how solar is successfully integrated within a co-op’s energy portfolio.

To receive a link to the full webinar recording, sign up at Solar4Co-ops.com.

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