Feature Image for SoCore’s Director of Product Development Finishes Volunteer Project in Cameroon

SoCore’s Director of Product Development Finishes Volunteer Project in Cameroon

March 2, 2016

SoCore Energy’s Director of Product Development, Frank Bergh, recently traveled to Cameroon with Engineers Without Borders USA (EWB-USA).  During his time in Cameroon, Bergh visited the community of Mungoa-ngoa, where he and his fellow EWB-USA volunteers helped to repair the local clean water distribution system.

Seven years ago, Mungoa-ngoa partnered with the Georgia Tech Student Chapter of EWB-USA to install the community’s clean water distribution system. It brought clean, drinkable water to hundreds of community members. Because of recent travel advisories concerning the safety of Cameroon, Georgia Tech University banned the students from traveling to the region to make necessary repairs to the system. Luckily, five EWB-USA professionals, including Bergh, volunteered to complete the project from January 8-24, 2016.

Despite encountering more problems than expected from the previously built water system, the team successfully installed a new submersible water pump, upgraded the system, and built a custom ground-mount photovoltaic solar system. The upgraded system now produces enough water on 100% solar power to meet the needs of the community. In addition, the water meets all required drinking water standards.

Before leaving Cameroon, Bergh and his team completed two full days of solar, water and pumping training with the community members, as well as conducted household surveys, interviews and public health assessments to benchmark the future performance of the system for the community members most affected by the new water source.

Throughout the trip, the community members of Mungoa-ngoa were very welcoming and eager to assist and provide extra hands to help get the clean water distribution system completed. They expressed their appreciation with a wonderful ceremony on the engineers’ last day in Cameroon, which included costumes, dancing and a ribbon cutting ceremony with local government, church and tribal leaders.

SoCore would like to express gratitude to Bergh and the other EWB-USA professionals for volunteering their time and resources to changing the lives and making a positive impact on the people of the Mungoa-ngoa community in Cameroon.

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