Feature Image for SoCore's Biggest Installation: Q&A with our Director of Projects

SoCore's Biggest Installation: Q&A with our Director of Projects

April 13, 2015

SoCore Energy’s Project Management team answered questions about our recent 2.7 MW rooftop installation in Hagerstown, MD:

What type of inverters does this project use?
This project features SMA Sunny Tripower String Inverters.

How was the rooftop mapped out and designed?
A complete rooftop survey was performed by SoCore’s in-house engineering team to ensure that all rooftop equipment and other elements, such as skylights, were accounted for, as well as building, fire, mechanical and electrical codes. Dimensions were recorded on site and transferred into AutoCAD.

What type of racking was used?
The racking system was designed for a standing seam metal roof and features a Daetwyler Eco-Top Hybrid 10 degree racking system, attached to the Butler MR-24 standing seam roof with S-5! Clamps. The racking system was designed to tilt modules up on standing seam metal roofs and also orient them to the proper azimuth to increase the energy yield.

Are there calculations on the building’s energy savings due to the shading from the solar panels?
While we do not calculate the exact amounts, we do know that the solar panels protect the roof, shade the roof and provide some energy savings.

Is this a static or tracking solar system?
This is a static solar system.


Mike Capalbo

Mike Capalbo, Director of Projects


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