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SoCore Celebrates Earth Day

April 22, 2016

Earth Day started in 1970, as a movement to bring awareness to, and channel human energy toward tackling environmental issues. Forty-six years later, it’s even more crucial that every individual, community, organization and country band together and join the movement. Climate change poses a huge threat to our planet, and the species that inhibit it, and only we have the power to stop it.

In celebration of Earth Day 2016, SoCore’s Commodity Manager, Matt Hixson, is sharing his top 5 ways that he does his part to protect our planet.


Eat a plant-based diet

Livestock and their byproducts account for at least 32,000 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year, or 51% of all worldwide greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, animal agriculture is responsible for 20%-33% of all fresh water consumption in the world today. For more information and to understand the true environmental cost of animal agriculture, check out the Netflix documentary Cowspiracy.

Utilize or demand renewable energy infrastructure

If you live in an area where your utility offers renewable energy sources for electricity, take advantage of it! If you live in an area that has an EV charging infrastructure, take advantage of it! If you don’t live in an area that offers either of these things, demand it and drive change!

Eliminate packaging

You can eliminate packaging by buying whole foods instead of processed foods and used products instead of new products. “Shopping outside the aisles” at grocery stores and checking out what thrift stores or websites such as Craigslist have to offer first are just a few ideas. Added bonus: these options are almost always healthier and/or less expensive!

Walk or bike to work

Leaving your car at home just two days per week can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an average of 1,600 pounds per year. If biking or walking to the office is not feasible for you, choose mass transit or carpool with a coworker. Luckily, many employers (like SoCore!) offer benefits such as bicycle maintenance allowances and public transit commuter benefit programs that you can take advantage of.

Incorporate the 5Rs into your lifestyle

Refuse what you do not need

Reduce what you need

Reuse by using renewables

Recycle what you cannot refuse, reduce, or reuse

Rot (compost the rest)


Our planet is truly magnificent—but it’s in trouble. Let’s work together to protect and preserve Earth for our generation, and those that follow. Remember – even the smallest effort can make a huge impact. Happy Earth Day!

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