Feature Image for Five SoCore Energy Clients in SEIA’s Top 25 U.S. Commercial Solar Users

Five SoCore Energy Clients in SEIA’s Top 25 U.S. Commercial Solar Users

December 4, 2015

The Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA) released its 2015 Solar Means Business report on Tuesday, highlighting America’s top companies and their commitment to using solar energy to power their business locations. The use of solar energy by America’s top companies has grown 183% in the last four years, and the number of solar installations has increased by 59% in just this past year. SoCore Energy has played a major role in this growth, with five of their clients ranking in the top 25 companies for both solar installations and solar capacity.

SEIA states, “While this report highlights the ever-expanding list of companies choosing to go solar, it also calls attention to the many ways in which America’s companies are choosing to use solar to meet their business goals. While solar has long been viewed as an environmentally responsible energy choice, businesses now deploy solar because it is a smart fiscal choice as well. In doing so, these companies have proven the viability of solar technology, showing that it is ready now to provide low-cost power generation on an increasingly large scale. With the right policies in place, solar will continue to play a crucial role in moving America’s economy forward.”

With the cost of solar continuing to decline and financing options becoming more customizable, solar power is not only doable for many, but a smart option for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Images of SoCore’s largest solar installation atop the FedEx Ground hub in Hagerstown, MD and SoCore’s installation on a Walgreens net-zero store in Evanston, IL, are both featured in the report, and illustrate the range in installation sizes that can still result in major energy cost savings and sustainability goals met for the company. Katherine Tweed of Greentech Media writes, “Another issue for the rebound of commercial solar is smaller-scale projects under 1 megawatt, which continue to be challenging to scale. Walgreens might be an example of a company with a national footprint that has cracked the code. Walgreens has an average system size of less than 500 kilowatts, yet it installed solar at 85 of its stores in this year alone, according to SEIA. “Walgreens is setting the pace for going solar,” the report states.”

As the solar industry continues to develop and find improvements to the available financing options, regional incentives and solar technologies, it is apparent that solar is a smart business decision, both environmentally and financially. To find out more, you can read the SEIA Solar Means Business 2015 report here.

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