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Community Solar

Off-site solar generation serving local businesses and communities

Community solar gardens (CSGs) offer a wide array of benefits that include bringing renewable energy to businesses, residents and municipalities that don’t have the resources to implement on-site solar.

Strategically located CSG projects can reduce line losses, offer voltage regulation and offset the costs of maintaining and upgrading distribution grid equipment. The integration of battery storage and smart inverter technology can further enhance those benefits.

ENGIE Distributed Renewables’ policy, legal and development teams understand the nuances of CSGs, and are capable of working with municipalities, co-ops, businesses and residents to successfully execute the implementation of CSGs.

We were excited to bring this innovative opportunity for our members to participate in community solar. We’re working with ENGIE to deliver reliable, cost effective and renewable energy for our members.

About Community Solar Gardens

Depending on the market, CSGs are either state-imposed regulatory mandates or grassroots projects. Either way, CSGs are opportunities for utilities to develop small, utility-scale projects for customers while investing in assets that strengthen their generation portfolios and distribution infrastructure. Additionally, the CSG model offers tremendous potential for ENGIE’s clients to reduce long-term energy costs and help achieve sustainability goals. Dozens  of communities are now accessing community solar through ENGIE.

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Community Solar