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Commercial & Industrial

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Our hub is able to process more than one-third of its daily packages, or more than 288,888 a day, through the use of solar generated power.

ENGIE Distributed Renewables specializes in distributed generation solutions for commercial and industrial (C&I) clients, particularly for solar energy projects ranging one to ten megawatts (MW).

These projects can take on a variety of forms — from rooftop installations to carports to direct-connect solar systems in which a ground mount system is tied directly into a facility. ENGIE performs a comprehensive energy load profile analysis for every single facility to ensure that the use of solar — and in many cases, the use of battery storage — is optimized.

C&I businesses often have significant real estate assets, offering abundant potential for energy production. Based on your portfolio, ENGIE can help your business evaluate, execute and maximize all the solar energy opportunities available to you.

Optimized Solar Economics: Lower financing and transaction costs; Streamlined permitting, engineeringand design; Supply chain and procurement optimization; Efficient and logistically preciseconstructionand system maintenance

Our Portfolio Approach

For many of our C&I clients, ENGIE takes what we call a portfolio approach. That means working to build a portfolio of affordable, strategic solar-energy installations for every client.

We leverage economies of scale to improve the financial advantages of solar energy — lowering project financial costs, streamlining engineering as provided by our licensed affiliate, ENGIE North America Inc., and other well-established and trusted third-party engineering firms, increasing buying power, improving supply-chain efficiencies and enhancing construction and ongoing system maintenance to generate better economic returns on every project.

Our portfolio approach results in an average of 30% in cost savings for our clients — real efficiencies that make your solar investment more profitable.