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Comprehensive Development

  • Experienced team of professional developers
  • We identify sites and negotiate with landowners to sign long-term leases
  • We acquire all necessary permits and approvals needed to build the project

Bring affordable, reliable, efficient renewable energy production down to earth. ENGIE Distributed Renewables’ Development Team focuses on solar and storage, with a particular focus on distribution-scale installations, community solar gardens (CSG) and utility-scale projects. ENGIE’s team of regionally-focused project developers work in concert with electric cooperatives, municipalities and communities to bring your solar projects to fruition. We currently have 2 GW worth of solar in the ENGIE portfolio.

What is the Development Process?

ENGIE keeps the land development process simple:

  • ENGIE signs a long-term lease with the land owner to use the land, with annual rent payments, which brings long-term, reliable revenue to the land owner.
  • ENGIE will acquire all necessary permits and approvals needed to build the project.
  • ENGIE’s project management team designs and builds the project, following all applicable safety and building codes.
  • ENGIE’s Operations & Maintenance team maintains the panels for the life of the project, typically 25+ years.

Information for Land Owners

Developing a Ground-Mounted Solar Installation with ENGIE Distributed Renewables: Download Flyer (PDF)

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