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Synchronized Construction

  • Structural, electrical and civil engineers oversee all projects
  • Extensive integrated project design: solar + storage + energy management
  • Focus on safety, quality and delivery through dedicated project managers

Every single project ENGIE Distributed Renewables designs starts from scratch, which means all of our customers receive specialized projects that meet their specific needs. Our licensed engineering affiliate team, third-party engineers and in-house build teams work with customers to understand their build requirements and we deliver safe, efficient solar energy and battery storage projects through:

  • High-quality specifications management
  • Long-lasting, durable equipment
  • Maximizing system performance through efficient designs
  • Delivering customers projects that are low-maintenance


An engineering design team from our licensed affiliate, ENGIE North America Inc., is made up of civil, structural and electrical engineers, as well as CAD specialists and GIS specialists. The design team works hand-in-hand with our customers, any necessary third-party licensed engineers and our project managers to ensure that each project meets both client and local jurisdiction requirements.


All of our installation contractors are trained by ENGIE personnel in safety and best practices for the installation of PV and battery storage systems. Throughout each installation, on-site crews can expect periodic quality and safety audits by the ENGIE project management team.

Safety is ENGIE’s top priority. All of our installation contractors are trained in ENGIE safety standard and best practices, and throughout each installation, they can expect periodic quality and safety audits conducted by ENGIE’s project management team. Because of our rigorous standards, clients can feel comfortable knowing their facilities are in safe and capable hands.

In addition to safety, ENGIE’s projects go through rigorous internal and external technical inspections, both before and after completion, which serve to document quality and assign accountability for existing conditions and any necessary repairs to accommodate the PV installation.

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ENGIE is an extremely transparent and hardworking energy partner. They are engaged at all levels across our organization and are committed to leveraging all their resources, networks and tools in order to optimize our solar capabilities and benefits.